NMPublishing was founded more than 20 years ago by its current owner, who previously worked in the publishing industry in London.

​We work both with individuals and organisations of all sizes.

Producing good looking material is at the forefront of our thinking, be it on paper or electronically. Whether it be advertising material that needs to attract visual attention, or scientific papers that need to put the content to the fore, we work with our clients to achieve the result they want. Do you need a book published, a scientific supplement prepared for a meeting, a website or an e-mail campaign? No need to spend a fortune; we can offer advice if you want to do it all yourself, or produce it in-house for you.

​Our in-house team, coupled with our extensive external network of professionals, will work quickly, reliably, and accurately until you are completely satisfied with the result. We won’t sell you something you don’t want or need. Honest, reliable advice is all you may want to start with and we will be happy to provide it, but of course we are always happy to help with the design and creation as well.

​We don’t have strict opening hours — if corrections need to be made, we will make them; deadlines that look impossible will be met. In over 20 years we have met every deadline given to us by our clients. Our flexibility, along with our 20 years of experience, means a more personal service for you.