NMPublishing have over 20 years of experience providing copy-editing and language-editing skills for our clients.

Copy-editing ensures proper word usage and fixes awkward phrasing; the ultimate goal is to ensure consistency and accuracy.

We provide this service for a wide range of people, from those looking to improve the accuracy of their CV to impress potential employers, to non-English speaking academics wishing to publish an article in an international journal with a higher chance of being accepted. In fact, anyone who needs to be sure their written word is correct should contact us for advice.

We take your words and re-write them as necessary to ensure your meaning remains as you intended, but also ensuring that the spelling and grammar is correct. We work with you, asking questions and double-checking everything, to ensure a result with which you are happy.

We also offer our copy-editing skills in conjunction with our typesetting services to offer the full package as a “one-stop” shop, ideal for publishing companies looking to outsource their project management.

Our rates for copy-editing and language-editing start from only £4.00 per 500 words, depending on the complexity (whether it needs a heavy edit or a light one) and subject matter. Feel free to contact us for a bespoke, no obligation quote.