E-marketing is more than just posting on your Facebook page or Twitter feed; they are one way of keeping in touch with your customers, but a properly designed e-mail campaign is far more effective. Sending an e-mail to a few clients letting them know about your latest offers is all well and good, but when your customer list grows into the hundreds it gets slightly more complicated. An e-mail campaign is again relatively easy to setup once you know how to do it; designing a simple HTML e-mail that is automatically sent to all your customers, with links to your website, looks professional. Tracking how many people open the e-mail and who acts on it is essential to understanding your customer base and improving the information you give them.

All this is something you could do yourself, but it may seem¬†like a daunting process. Here’s where we can help, either with advice or by doing it all for you.

Simply contact us for more information and we can guide you through the whole process.